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History and Design:

In 1994, Nike Shoe a young designer called Sergio Lozano to create its new running shoe. Taking a break from his usual work at Nike’s ACG subdivision, Lozano decided to take on the project with a bold approach. Throughout the entire process, the designer’s unconventional concept received a lot of pushback, hardly surprising given it was such an enormous change from the regular crop of the ‘90s running shoes.

While it is commonly known among sneakerheads that the Air Max 95 was inspired by the Human body, Lozano’s first sketch was actually based on the idea of the earth being eroded by rain. The infamous layered panelling on the side wall represents the striated segments seen on the towering walls of the Grand Canyon.

The Air Max 95 debuted in 1995, clad in the now iconic “Neon” colourway. The shoe was hugely popular with runners in Europe who appreciated Nike’s change of direction. The AM95 went on to establish worldwide acclaim thanks to high-profile name drops from the likes of US Hip-Hop artist, The Game and its niche reputation in Cities such as Liverpool, where the 95 was definitely considered as “heavy webs”.

Coined by locals in both Liverpool and London as “110s”, due to them costing £110 back in the mid-2000s, some OGs still refer to the silhouette as such, even with a retail price of £165 in ‘23. According to an official authentic science report from the early 2000s, the shoe was officially recognised by the UK Police force as the second most common footwear print found in crime scenes (8%), making the 95s a favourite among criminals. The shoe was even a part of Japan’s first ever sneaker robbery, another indication that people were willing to risk it all for Lozano’s masterpiece.

Best Editions and Notable Collabs:

Since its inception, the Air Max 95 has seen an endless number of colourways, which has only boosted its reputation among footwear fans. OG colourways such as the “Neon” and “French Blue” editions continue to be revered, while collaborations like the atmos “Animal Safari” from 2007 and Stash’s pair from 2006 are deemed ‘grails’ by the sneakerhead community.

In the run up to Air Max Day 2023, a trio of Air Max 95s from London-based Corteiz would have people literally running the streets of New York and London in order to secure a pair. The silhouette had not seen this level of hype since the 2020 retro of the “OG Neon” colourway, where Police were called to the size? Liverpool store in order to control a crowd of 400 plus people. This event also echoed the riots outside the Leeds Foot Locker store back in 2000, where angry customers wanted to exchange their "squeaky" AM95s for a silent pair after the BBC's Watchdog programme said they could do so.

Colourways aren’t the only thing that’s changed for the silhouette, with the distinct upper seeing a variety of remixes over the subsequent years. Whether it’s the rare Zipped versions from ‘01, the Ultra Jacquard editions from ‘13 or even the Winterised Sneakerboot that landed in ‘15, people are always eager for more.

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