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The Nike Blazer is one of the most iconic Nike sneakers of all time, and also one of the first to ever be made by the Swoosh brand, originally birthed when the brand was known as Blue Ribbon Sports. Co-founders Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman had successfully created several running-focused shoes, and it was now time for the pair to work on a basketball sneaker. After a hell of a lot of planning and working in close co-operation with factories, the duo launched the Nike Blazer in high-top, mid-top and low-top versions.

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Nike Blazer Mid

If you're looking for a vintage look and a design which pays homage to the basketball heritage of this sneaker, the Blazer Mid is the perfect option. The Nike Blazer Mid '77 is designed to replicate the original release of the Blazer back in the 70s. It features janoski leather, an exposed foam tongue, and the classic construction which caused the Blazer to be such a hit!

Nike Blazer Low

If you prefer a more low profile sneaker, the Blazer Low should be your go-to. Still featuring the janoski materials and classic design of the original Nike Blazer, this low top silhouette is one of the most iconic in Nike's roster. Coming in a number of sleek colourways, there really is an option for everyone's style.

Nike Blazer Design

The Nike Blazer was an almost instant success after the pair took it to a trade show and were inundated with orders. They often struggled to keep up with the demand, and in-turn Nike Blazers became like gold dust on the market. After a lot of hard-work Nike got it under control, and Blazer’s became readily available across the world. They were often kept OG, launching in plain white colourways with the Swoosh decorated in either red, black, blue or green. Nike as a company grew at an alarming rate after the launch of the Blazer, so it’s safe to say that these shoes are partly responsible for creating the multi-national company that we all know and love today.

After making waves upon the initial impact in the basketball community, the Nike Blazer was quickly adopted by other scenes including the street-style circles and more specifically with skateboarders. While skateboarding was a relatively new sport, specific sneakers were yet to launch. Skaters quickly picked up the Blazers due to their durable leather upper and excellent blazer support. This story is well-documented, with the Blazer being one of the first silhouettes that Nike SB set to work on when it launched in 2002.

Nike Blazer Colourways

Fast forward to the present-day, and the Nike Blazer is still extremely culturally relevant and a staple in the collection of sneakerheads. It’s been used as a blank canvas for countless high-heat collaborations, including those with Supreme NYC and it also being one of the key shoes in Virgil Abloh’s “The Ten” Pack, that caused a stir when it launched in 2017 (Virgil later revisited the Blazer for three more special edition releases). The Blazer is such an important shoe to those that invest their lives into sneakers because it was one of the first ever Nike shoes to launch, it started a revolution in the footwear world. To launch something over 30 years ago and for it to still be culturally relevant in fashion today is an extremely great accomplishment.

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