Kanye West’s Yeezy Hoodie Boot is, hands down, one of his most underrated collections. Making its debut all the way back in 2015, each and every model is heavily inspired by boots worn in the military, with a huge emphasis on quality materials and a utilitarian aesthetic.

Yeezy Hoodie Boots come under two different brands. Early versions were released under Ye’s own YEEZY imprint, while newer models are made by Adidas and are definitely the more popular of the two. Not only do they look amazing, the retail prices are drastically lower too, so more sneakerheads can get into the boot game without shelling out too much.

Highlights of the line include 2015’s 950 as well as 2018’s Desert Boot, which was later renamed DSRT BT. The latter is heavily inspired by the Yeezy Hoodie 500, complete with the suede and mesh upper and distinctive bulbous design.

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