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New Balance 2002R Vibrant Apricot New Balance 327 has grown into a popular mainstay for the Boston-based footwear brand. Crafted by female footwear designer Charlotte Lee in 2018, it didn’t take long for the silhouette to become hugely sought-after by both sneakerheads and casual footwear fans alike. Delving into the archives, Lee translated New Balance’s ‘70s sporting design language with a contemporary twist, creating what we now know today as the 327.

First unveiled during Paris Fashion Week by French-Moroccan fashion house Casa Blanca, questions around the never before seen silhouette began to spiral, becoming headline news across the sneaker world. With people eager for anything related to the shoe, the New Balance 327 would go on to dominate footwear sales from 2020 to 2022, eventually giving way to another New Balance shoe, the 2002R and its 'Protection Pack' Series (also known as ‘Refined Future’).

Collaborations with size? and Levi's would also highlight the model in a new light, attracting even more eyes towards general release colourways. However, regardless of the decline in collaborative projects from New Balance in ’23, the NB 327 can still be frequently seen across the UK, especially in cities such as London and Manchester. The NB 327 is undoubtedly still a go-to for many and if its current run is anything to go by, could only be a few years away from permanently cementing its place among the footwear shelves. This is especially true for the women’s New Balance 327, a selection that continues to earn a rightful spot within the rotations for many female sneakerheads.

Part of the silhouette’s success story lies behind its various colourways, most of which stitch together an array of softer and more neutral tones. The tasteful sail midsole and gum bottom combination is also a timeless touch, lending the shoe to a huge variety of outfits. From animal prints to pastel pinks, from jumbo mesh to soft leathers, the New Balance 327 has covered it all within its short life span. Of course, this would all mean nothing if the shoe wasn’t comfortable to wear but given the brand's early performance Mens and sports-inspired background, the 327 is always cosy to have on foot. Boasting a thick cushioned midsole and lightweight upper, you might simply Colourway what you laced up for the day, however given how cute they look, you might not stop looking down!

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If you’re unsure of which size to grab or how they fit, just check out our New Balance 327 Size Guide to answer any of your burning questions!